• FASHIONABLE, STYLISH AND CLASSY - The Gala Wine Purse features a rich textured exterior that looks great with any outfit. Allowing you to carry a bottle of wine in style to any party or gathering.
  • INSULATED WINE CARRIER - The interior is lined and thermal insulated to help keep your wine bottle at the same ideal temperature while traveling.
  • FITS BOTH STANDARD WINE AND CHAMPAGNE BOTTLES - This wine purse is sized to accommodate both standard-sized wine bottles and champagne bottles.
  • GREAT FOR BYOB RESTAURANTS - We always have that one bottle we�d like to bring along when we eat at a restaurant. The Gala wine purse allows you to do so in a discreet and classy way.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR THE WINE DIVE - If you know someone who loves wine, then this purse makes a perfect gift for her. It Includes a stainless steel waiter-style corkscrew which makes it even more desirable.
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    If wine accessories are necessities, Gala wine purse is the perfect wine bottle carrier for you. With an elastic strap inside, it keeps your wine bottle securely in place while in transport. It also comes with a waiter-style stainless steel corkscrew with a strap inside the purse to hold it in place.

    The Gala Wine Purse allows you to tote your favorite wine in style. This is a great gift item since it�s both classy and stylish. Rather than just taking a bottle of wine as a gift, it is a real plus to arrive with an insulated wine purse than just a gift bag. Wine purses are great additions to any event, from formal dinner parties to casual weekend picnics.