How important is your luggage and it's contents?

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There's thousands coming in and out of the airport and everyday there's 20% experiencing luggage problems and you cannot become one of them.

How can you avoid losing your luggage? 🤔  

1 - Have a bag tag with your name and contact number on it.

2 - Take a photo of your bag (Top view and side) to make it easier to identify in the event it gets misplaced.

3 - Decorating your luggage makes it easier to find and recognize rather than the plain ones. (Tested and proven with the help of our luggage covers,)

4 - Arrive early so the possibility of getting your bag misplaced due to late check-ins will be unavoidable.

5- Avoid tight connections. (Making sure that your luggage will arrive on time.)

6 - Don’t check in important items. (Keep them hand carry if you can.)

7- Keep a list of packed items. (Making it easier to identify if something else went missing.

8- Don’t collect old luggage tags on your bag.

9 - Pack handy clothes on your hand carry for security,

10 - Don’t forget to check out all our luggage cover designs before your next trip and we’ll ship it right away.

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