• GGW Cork - 3010-CR
  • GGW Cork - 3010-CR
  • GGW Cork - 3010-CR
  • GGW Cork - 3010-CR
  • GGW Cork - 3010-CR
  • FASHIONABLE, FUNCTIONAL & LUXURIOUS - Stylish, well-made wine tote. It is both fun and elegant way to safely transport your favorite bottles of wine.
  • MADE WITH ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL - This bag is made with 100% eco-friendly cork material. A feature that makes the GGW even more desirable.
  • THERMAL INSULATION - The Primeware GGW cork wine purse is a timeless, insulated wine carrier to keep your wine/champagne bottle at the perfect temperature. This sophisticated wine purse features thermal lining and thick padded interior to protect your bottle and withstand habitual use.
  • FITS BOTH WINE & CHAMPAGNE BOTTLES - Made from genuine leather � this wine travel bag is sized to accommodate both standard-sized wine bottles and champagne bottles.
  • PERFECT GIFT - A beautiful gift for the wine Diva. The GGW offers an attractive and discreet way to carry those special bottles. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, friendship or even a house-warming gift.
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    Wine is a perfect accompaniment to almost any activity. Imagine a sunset at the beach, a weekend getaway, a wine tasting party with friends or a trip to your favorite restaurant. The GGW wine carrier is perfect way bring your favorite wine or champagne bottle to any outing.

    With its thick padding and thermal insulation, it will surely keep your bottle at an ideal temperature. It features a cross body shoulder strap making it fun and elegant. The front pocket with zipper closure holds included corkscrew.

    Our experienced craftsmen have a passion for perfection from the first stitch to last. Primeware stands for quality, this means your tote comes with a Quality Craftsmanship Guarantee. If you're not totally satisfied, you are fully protected for peace of mind.