• Cheese Mahogany Wood - 5420-CS
  • Cheese Mahogany Wood - 5420-CS
  • Cheese Mahogany Wood - 5420-CS
  • Cheese Mahogany Wood - 5420-CS
  • Cheese Mahogany Wood - 5420-CS
  • Cheese Mahogany Wood - 5420-CS
  • Cheese Mahogany Wood - 5420-CS
  • Made with 100% renewable resources
  • 5 tier Mahogany Wood server allows displays your favorite appetizers, Hors d�oeuvres, desserts, cheeses, fruits on kitchen counter-tops or dining tables without cumbersome display trays
  • Perfect for mingling at parties, conveniently holds both your wine glass and appetizer
  • Stemmed wine glass fits into the built-in holder
  • Makes a great housewarming gift or wedding present
  • Tiered plates can be positioned in a variety of ways
  • Easy storage & save space when not in use: Our 5 tier serving stand is collapsible and space-saving design is another feature that make the server ultra-desirable
  • Great for entertaining on all occasions: The best investment for party hosting - make serving and presenting food easy
  • Gorgeous Mahogany Wood features unique and naturally contrasting patterns
  • Set of four plates with stand and base are perfect for entertaining and cocktail parties
  • Compact, edged appetizer plate holds your wine and appetizers in one convenient unit
  • Easy to maintain and clean, simply wash with warm soapy water and air dry
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    Wow your guests at your next gathering by bringing out these Appetizer and Hors d�oeuvre plates. These platters are made of durable and sturdy Mahogany Wood, perfect for appetizers, desserts, and more. Superbly designed, these platters are multifunctional as a five-tiered food display stand and as individual appetizer plates. Plates come in a set of 4 with a base and stand. The plates can be stacked and assembled onto the display stand. This collapsible, space-saving design is another feature that makes the Cambridge 5 tier server ultra-desirable. Each plate is crafted with a raised perimeter edge to prevent your appetizers from shifting. Built-in wine stem holders are cleverly designed on the ends of the plates, making it easy to hold both your wine and food whilst mingling. The plates are both functional and beautiful. Mahogany Wood, known for its unique and naturally contrasting patterns, gives the plates a characteristic shimmer and rich-coloring. Serve wine and cheese as they are meant - a great pairing of two culinary pleasures - with ease and style on these cleverly designed plates.